Silicone Car Wash Wiper Plate

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Size: 32cm*10cm/12.6in*3.9
Material: Plastic + Silicone
Made In: China
3 JD 5 JD


Product Details

  • The scraper uses high-quality soft rubber strips, no odor, environmental protection and safety.
  • After wiping with a towel, it will not leave water stains or even hair loss.
  • Thick feel, ergonomic design, bow-shaped handle, easy to scratch, clear and transparent
  • You can also use wiper blades when cleaning glass doors in your home, and when attaching large-area stickers to the body or glass. Gently scrape without leaving water!.
  • The main task is to greatly reduce the workload. After washing the car, wipe it with a wiper. The body is basically clean and bright. Less work than using regular towels or elk towels. , Easy to store, easy to use.
  • Flexible blade moulds to the shape of any surface Suitable for glass, marble tops, tiles, ceramic floors and pool slidesWide shower car cleaner for car window.
  • Make your car window bright and clean.
  • Package Include:1*Wiper Plate.

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