Lightning to HDMI Cable HDTV Lead Plug and Play MHL Cable Adapter HD 1080P Mirror

Size: 2 M
Color: Red
Type: 5/6/7/8 Iphone
7 JD


Product Details

  • Plug and Play: Advanced Edition is easy to use, do not need to install any driver software, you just need to wait about 5 seconds and it will mirroring of what is displayed on your device screen to your HDMI-equipped TV (TV, PC, projector, car).
  • Perfect for Sharing: With HOISAN ipad to HDMI TV Cable, you can sit and lie down to play games to watch movies and enjoy your own life, also share movies, videos, photos with your family and friends on big screen. Not only indulge in phone alone. You can play games with your kids on TV. Have a wonderful parent-child time!!! And it can also mirrored on your car.
  • 1080P HD Support: Supports all video resolutions and audio formats, supports content displayed on the device screen, including applications, presentations, websites, slides, etc., projector or other compatible monitor, from small screen to large screen, up to 1080p.
  • HD Super Compatibility: Supports a variety of devices such as iPhone 8 / 8plus /7 / 6/5 series phones, iPad Air / Mini / Pro, iPod Touch, HDMI port can be connected to smart TV, projector or monitor in the office or at home(Up to iOS 11.1 )
  • Safety Equipment: Will never shut down or risk your phone or other equipment.
  • Note: Due to copyright, this HDMI Cable will not support paid videos in the app, such as NETFLIX, Amazon video, Hulu, Xfinity, Direct TV. And it won't work for Honda Product description
  • Size Name: Lightning to HDMI How to work
  • Plug ipad to HDMI to your iPhone or iPad
  • Connect to TV or projector via lightning digital AV adapter and switch the TV or projector to HDMI channel.
  • Plug USB cable to power adapter (Please note that the USB Cable of the product must be plugged into the adapter charger/wall charger (iPhone 5W / iPad 10W). Plugging into the TV/Projector/Monitor is not recommended since the Voltage of them is not stable, which will cause the product cannot work normally. Please note that this product cannot charge for your device when it is working. )
  • Wait for about 5 seconds, click "trust", synchronization is successful ipone to HDMI Cable support audio and video transmit A good choice for playing games, watching movies, you don't need to connect with your devices with Bluetooth, cellular, hotpot, 3G, 4G or download any application.
  • Easy to use it, real-time play back. Share videos & slideshows on the big high definition screen with your family and friends right now! Support transmit the Video and Audio to HD TV or HDMI device. An Amazing Experience Widely applied to home entertainment like home theater, video display, 3D games playing NBA watching, Office Meeting like PPT showing, full-screen viewing.

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