Auto Wheel Brush Cleaning Car Rim Cleaner Kit Tire

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Material: Plastic
Brand: Double M
Made In: China
2 JD 4 JD


Product Details

  • Wash for car tire.
  • High-end steel wire flocking technology,brushing bristles with dense,regular,strong cleaning and durable
  • Ergonomically-designed grip for comfortable grip; Tail-hanging design for easy storage.
  • Bigger, fuller, 360-degree microfiber head makes cleaning easy, fast, and efficient.
  • Safe for use on all wheels to remove road grime and brake dust.
  • Why Should We Clean the Tires? Dirt contaminated by the tire during use will enter the rubber interior and reduce the service life of the tire. Using our cleaning kit can effectively clean these dirt, increase the service life of the tire and reduce the safety risk. It also makes your car look as clean and tidy as new.
  • 13.5*13*6.5 CM.

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