3 Way Car Cigarette Charger Socket USB Adapter

Save 1 JD

Power: 60 W
3 JD 4 JD


Product Details

  • High quality ABS Fireproof Plastic, Built-in fuse,safe and reliable.
  • USB charger output to DC 5V/500MA.
  • Triple socket with 12V/24V output.
  • This socket can only be used for car cigarette lighter.
  • This three way splitter plugs into the car power socket (cigarette lighter socket) and will provide you three socket instead of one It is ideal for use with in car charger, GPS navigator, MP3 Player, IPOD, Iphone, adaptors, PDA etc.
  • This three-way car cigarette lighter socket splitter converts and increases your car cigarette lighter from one to three sockets, plus an additional USB port .
  • USB charger output: 5V, 1A Triple socket output: 12V Compatible with: all the car cigarette lighter sockets with DC 12V.

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