Getsun A-C Sterilant And Deodorant 220Ml

Size : 220Ml
Flavor : Strawberry
Brand : Getsun
4 JD


This cleaner uses to kill odors and smelly substance materials

This product can effectively decompose the odor source

Containing natural ingredients

It can deep into the inner pipe of air conditioner to remove the odor quickly and get rid of the abnormal flavor from the air outlet of air conditioner

First turn on the A/C to full

Make sure the external ventilation is on

Spray a large amount sterilant and into the EXTERIOR air intakes that are located just below the windshield wipers

Let the car run for about 5 to 10 minutes with the A/C on

Turn off A/C and spray the cleaner into the A/C vents on the INSIDE of your car

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