Five Finger Chenille car wash glove

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Size: 28*22
Materail: Chenille
Color : As shown in the picture
3 JD 7 JD


Great for detailing the interior and the exterior of any vehicle.

The built-in elastic cuff fits snug around your hand to help keep the glove securely on.

5-finger wash mitt design helps you to contact and clean areas,easily rinses clean between each wheel.

This cleaning glove can be used wet or dry on virtually any surface,use wet to clean or dry to dust.

Typically used to remove bugs and residues from the exterior of your car on the scrubber side or to dust the inside on the mini chenille side.

Great for cleaning shutters, blinds, windows, tables, appliances, furniture and more.

For left or right hand use. Machine washable and reusable.

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