Non Slip Pedal

Color: Blue
Material: Metal
6 JD


Creative and fashionable design fit for most types of MT cars easy installation, and to reduce the fatigue during driving fit model
14.7cm*7.6cm/5.8"x3.0" brake/clutch pedal cover: approx. 8.8cm*6.5cm/3.5"x2.6" note: if the pedals still loose after installation, please check and install again.
If the pedals tangle with the mat or the sidewall, they will not work well and even bounce back. At that time, you should loosen screws to remove pedals. Between the pedals and sidewall, keep no less than 5 mm space, so that the pedals can work freely and it can avoid dangers.
 Package includes: 1 x accelerator pad cover 1 x brake pedal cover 1 x clutch pedal cover 1 set of screws accessories

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