Mesh Car Window Shade

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SUN PROTECTION - The rear window sun shades is perfect for protection against the sun and its heat. The leather seats and steering wheel will no longer burn your hand. This sunshade can protect you from the hot summer sun, and reduce car interior temperature.

SMART DESIGN - Designed to match the rear window of your car. Instead of the sun rays hitting your car's exterior and penetrating your car they will now bounce of your car as soon as they hit sunshade thereby greatly reducing your car's interior temperature.

PREMIUM QUALITY - Constructed out of premium quality solar mesh fabric to ensure maximum strength and durability that will surely last you for years.

EASY TO STORE - Small in size and has light weight feature, twist and collapse into a small size and they can be easily stored on the glove compartment or even on between your seat.

EASY TO INSTALL - Easy to install and brings no harm to your car window. They hold the shades in place perfectly. The suction cups on the top portion have a sideward slit in them about 50% of the way into the top portion, then at the end of the slit there is a square notch at the end or at the dead center. This allows you to put the wire edge of the shade into the suction cup too.

4 piece.

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