Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell Finish 397G

Size : 397G
Brand : Turtle Wax
7 JD


A unique blend of cleaners and waxes remove ingrained dirt and light oxidation

Safe for chrome, base coats and clear coat paints

Easy on, easy off formula lasts up to 12 months

Fights harmful UV rays

provide long lasting shine and protection

This car wax is very easy to apply as it comes with a Sponge . Dip the pad loosely into the wax and then rub it into the paintwork in a circular motion, working one panel at a time

Either once you have completed one panel or after you have waxed the entire car, you can now buff off the excess wax using a clean microfibre cloth

Once you have buffed off all the excess wax, you will notice how glossy your vehicle looks

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