Interior Cleaning Pakage 13

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17 JD 22 JD


Amazing interior and exterior care kit for the car,that includes:

Tableau freshener and polish

Helps prevent cracking, maintains color Reveals a beautiful and deep shine Renews and revitalizes rubber and plastic

It can be used on dashboards, vinyl seats, and controls

ArmorAll Tech and Screen Wipes 20 Wipes

Easy to use and fuss-free, are an efficient way of keeping gadgets and car screens clean

Car brushes and floors cleaner

It penetrates deep into the fibers, eliminating tough stains

Cleans the toughest dirt

Car Air Conditioner Vent Brush

Small in size, light in weight and can fit in the car

It can quickly clean the dust in the gap

Microfiber Car Cleaning

The best buffing towel ever , double Side And two Layers Plush

TOP CAR air freshener

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