Exterior Cleaning Pakage 2

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24 JD 30 JD


Amazing interior and exterior care kit for the car,that includes:

ArmorAll Ultra Shine Wash & Wax

Gently lifts away dirt that can cause scratches and swirls

Helps water beading on your paint

Delivers mirror-like shine as you wash and size 1.89 L

ArmorAll Extreme Tire Shine Gel

Deep black, shiny tires make your car look incredible,

Extreme Tire Shine Gel is an advanced formula, engineered for extraordinary results that last for weeks

Car Cleaning Gloves

helps protect against swirls and scratches

made of premium soft

Polishing Sponge And A Car Tire Sponge

Made of high quality sponge,

High density sponge brush head, wear-resistance and durable

comfortable use and Easy to clean

TOP Car Air freshener

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